One client was diagnosed with the beginnings of cataracts in his right eye, and just a hint in the left, that was 4 years ago.
So every year he would go in for an eye exam, and for the first two years, the cataracts got measurably bigger and were documented in his file.
He purchased an MWO about 15 months ago and every day reads the newspaper for 15 minutes while sitting in the machine.
He had no major problems, just thought it might help. His next visit to the ophthalmologist, about 3 months after getting the MWO it was discovered that the cataracts had not changed noticeably from a year ago.
In August, 2004 he went in for his annual exam, having now used the machine almost every day for more than a year, and got a strange reaction from the doctor.
After an initial exam, the doctor reviewed his file, and then called in another doctor for a second opinion.
It was after the two doctors chatted a bit that they told the client that if they had not know from his chart of the cataracts that they would not have had any concern at all about him having cataracts.
In all their combined years of practicing neither doctor had ever seen cataracts "go away".
The Client just smiled and offered no reason to the doctors knowing all the time that the only change over the past 15 months was the MWO. To order

Multiwave Oscillator of MWO naar het werk van Nikola Tesla en George Lakhovsky --- Brainfit bvba