Warranty and repairs of Multiwave Oscilllator

2 years warranty from manufacturer

The manufacturer warrantees the equipment for 2 years from the date of purchase, and will repair or replace any component defect in the machine including the spark gap.

Product will not be covered that is damaged either through shipping, abuse, or improper set up and operation of the machines.

Please Note, the spark gaps are supposed to wear, however it typically takes over 3 years of use before the gaps will need maintenance, and the manufacturer will replace the gaps and service the machine for a very reasonable price.

For warrantee repair, the client is responsible for packaging and shipping to the USA.
The manufacturer will pay return shipping if indeed the product has a valid warrantee repair.
For product out of warrantee, please call the manufacturer and get return authorization and an estimate on repair cost.

Multiwave Oscillator of MWO naar het werk van Nikola Tesla en George Lakhovsky --- Brainfit bvba