As relayed by a client:

I am a forty one year old female.
I have suffered from painful knees every since high school as a result of several knee operations that left me without cartilage in my knees.
In my early thirties I had an ACL replacement. A few years later a tune up was required to scrap away the arthritic build up that had developed in my knees.
I was told that I was looking at double knee replacement surgery but that I should hold out as long as possible since the replacements tended to wear out in 10 to 15 years.
I began using the MWO just before Thanksgiving 2002. Within 3 treatments my knees were pain free.
I could walk and be on my feet for hours without pain.
I had to relearn to walk with out the waddle I had become accustomed to doing to lessen the pain and flexing on my knees.
Then I noticed that the scars on my knees from the surgery began to fade and turn more supple.
Then my knees started to shrink and look like knees again.
For the first time in over 10 years I could play with my children, or volunteer at my son's school and not be in tears by the time I got home.
I have gone 4 months without taking so much as an aspirin for pain in my knees.
I am down to using the MWO two or three times a week and the benefits seem to persist. I swear the cartilage has grown back in my knees because they move smoothly now. There is no longer the grinding sound and feeling when I move my knee and use my hand to feel the motion.
The really amazing part is that the MWO seems to have gotten rid of most if not all of my gray hair and age spots on my hands.
Even my husband noticed it. It was that dramatic. I can honestly say that I believe I can keep my knees for the rest of my life now.
The MWO is too good to be true. The whole world should know about this. To order

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